Diving Into Blogging

Hello to anyone reading this, welcome to a very rudimentary and basic ‘blog’, if you can call it that. I have decided to give blogging or my version of aspirational blogging a try as I am such a huge fan of bloggers, the information they provide and the supportive community they create. A few bloggers I love are; Georgina Horne, Callie Thorpe, Danielle Vanier, and Grace Victory. All of these women utilise blogging and social media to equip other people with information on beauty, clothes, underwear, fitness, and so much more. As a curvy girl with gigantic breasts which clothes and underwear seem to struggle to contain, these women have provided an outlet for me to find clothes and underwear to boost my confidence and navigate the high street.

In blogging, I aim to utilise this space to share beauty products, including makeup and skincare, which I have used and loved, or used and discarded and provide information which I hope could be helpful to someone who has similar issues to me regarding their skin. DISCLAIMER: In no way am I a qualified dermatologist or an expert in these issues, I just hope to share my trials and errors on my journey to achieving clear skin (still not quite there) in order to hopefully save someone else money on products which didn’t work for me or had unforeseen side effects. I will talk about a range of products varying from the high street to being prescribed by a dermatologist in order to present the range of products which are available.

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