Journey to Clear Skin (Part 3)

After having perfectly clear skin during roaccutane, and for some time after, for the acne to come back (even if it wasn’t as bad as before) was still so disheartening. I didn’t have the money to try the expensive treatments suggested by my dermatologist at that time, such as microdermabrasion, so I decided to try (in my mind) almost everything else there was available in my quest for clear skin again. Ranging from proactiv+ to random products I’ve found in newspaper articles through sheer desperation that something might be a miracle!

Germolene and Savlon

To start simply, when I was younger I used all the standard products that parents and older family members recommended for helping spots including; germolene and savlon, which are both antiseptic creams that are designed to help healing of minor skin issues. Neither of these creams really helped my skin in any way, and I am aware of people having reactions to these creams.


Another product I used is sudocrem. I heard wondrous stories from friends about how this fixed their spots overnight, I now feel this was possibly exaggerated, or they were just lucky. I tried different methods, dabbing it delicately onto individual spots, wearing it as a face mask for hours, and simply rubbing it thoroughly into my skin all over my face. Occasionally I would see a difference in the redness of my face but nothing long-term or dramatic.


I think something everyone tries to get rid of spots is toothpaste. I do not recall ever being told to do this, or advised that it would work, yet everyone seems to have thought, or heard to do this. I used to dab it onto spots before bed and wash it off in the morning. This very, very occasionally shrunk a spot, however I had an extremely bad experience in which my skin became scabbed and blistered. I don’t know whether this was down to toothpaste type??? Or just because it’s not a very good idea to put toothpaste on your skin, as discussed in this article I read.


Another supposed solution is ice. I understand the logic behind it, that ice can reduce the size and possibly swelling of the acne, however you need to be careful if you decide to utilise this method and it does not treat the cause of acne in the long-term. I read so many articles and posts, and watched so many YouTube videos of people advocating this method, specifically rubbing numerous ice cubes onto your skin in what was described as a face massage treatment. I remember one guy even had before and after photos that looked incredible, and his suggestion was to use 20 ice cubes everyday which would take around 40 minutes. However, do not, I repeat DO NOT hold an ice-cube directly on to one part of your face for a long period of time!!!! I managed to give myself an ice burn and the skin went hard and scaly for days!! This is not what you want! If you do decide to use this method, I would suggest doing your own research, and never keep the ice cube still in one place.

Silver Serum

One of the more random products I have used is a cream called silver serum. I read an article in the daily mail (yes, I know how poorly researched and totally fabricated the articles can be, but I was desperate), which a family member had sent me trying to help. In the article a quote from the girl who was the advocate of the treatment stated:

“Despite spending a fortune on GP appointments and treatments nothing worked to clear her skin, and she was left in a state of utter despair.”

This was exactly how I felt and so I convinced myself that it could do the same for me! I trawled the web looking for the same product as the one the girl in the article had used and finally found it. The description for the product describes the treatment as helping:

“reduce bacteria related infection & inflammation of skin conditions such as acne, acne rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. It’s the infection symptoms of these skin conditions that causes the most discomfort, rather than the initial cause. Silver Serum contains MicroSilver ™, which has been found in scientific studies to reduce bacterial related problems for skin conditions by up to 70% after a two-week trial period.”

I read this and though perfect! It says it will get rid of acne and in only 2 weeks! This is not what happened. I read all the information and did my own research into how to correctly use the product and incorporate it into my current skin care routine, however the cream and I did not get on. I personally feel with a lot of products, when you start using something new, it either; works, does not work at all, it irritates your skin in some way, or appears to be working for the first few days and then your skin gets worse. In this case it was the latter. I sometimes feel that maybe I should have stuck at it for a longer period of time, however, rather than improvements, if anything my skin was getting worse. In addition to this, around the same time I developed a rash on my face which a doctor told me was a form of rosacea and subsequently, prescribed a course of the oral medication tetracycline. Thankfully, this seemed to almost entirely remedy the issue, so I was solely back dealing with the acne.



After that, I was recommended Acnecide, by a friend of a friend. She raved about it and could praise it highly enough, so by now you know, I went online found it and bought it. The acnecide website descries the product as:

“Acnecide Gel and Acnecide Wash treatments contain two technologies to help you escape the cycle of spots; Benzoyl Peroxide reduces the bacteria that cause spots (Propionibacterium acnes) by 95% and a special microsphere technology to help absorb excess oil (a common factor in many Acne sufferers), while releasing glycerine to hydrate your skin.”

However, I found the website to be fairly unhelpful and not provide the detailed information I was looking for in regards to the product. After it was delivered I followed the instructions on the packaging and incorporated it into my daily routine. However, I quickly found that the product was much too strong for my skin personally, and it caused my skin to get dry, flaky, red and painful. As soon as I stopped using it my skin started to return to normal. However, while using it, it did start to help my acne, so if you have less sensitive skin, and think this could be for you, then talk to your doctor about if they feel it would be appropriate. In addition, another downside of this product for me is that due to the ingredients, predominantly the key ingredient benzoyl peroxide, if the product so much as brushed against soft furnishings it can and will stain! I found even when I allowed the product to completely dry, my pillows and pajamas still got stained. It even affected my eyebrows and the front of my hair which both started to lighten. This product was simply just not for me.

Thank you for reading, I wish I could get back all the money from products I’ve bought that haven’t worked for me!

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