Good Concealers for Hiding Acne

Concealers are a gift to anyone, but especially us who struggle with acne. There are so many available that it’s difficult to know which would be the best to hide the blemishes but also not break the bank. I’ve tried to compile a list of a couple I have tried, and a couple I am aiming to try. The prices vary widely and hopefully will make this post accessible to everyone.


This concealer is described as a highly concentrated, creamy concealer that provides discreetly opaque coverage.


I used this concealer for a number of years and it worked excellently. It really did cover all of my acne well and typically lasted for the entire day.


However, I personally found too much of this product could be bad for my skin. This is because I had to apply this concealer to most of my cheeks and chin. I think this product would have worked well for me if I had the occasional spot rather than applying it to most of my face.


This product is currently available for £16.50


Rimmel: Wake me up

This concealer is described as illuminating and states it will conceal and brighten. Rimmel says the concealer will erase signs of tiredness and daily stress.


This concealer is reasonably priced and worked excellently to also conceal under eye bags.


However, for my skin this concealer was slightly too greasy and unfortunately only seemed to be of medium coverage, which didn’t really work for the acne I had. In addition, this concealer started to oxidise quite quickly which isn’t something I wanted to deal with as well as trying to hide my acne.


This product is currently advertised as £3.50


Collection: Lasting perfection

This concealer is described as smudge-proof, budge-proof and transfer-proof, for flawless coverage that lasts for up to 16-hours. This is the concealer I currently use due to the coverage and the price.


This concealer has great coverage and is buildable depending on how much coverage you need. I can use this concealer for acne, under eye bags and as a base for eyeshadow.


This concealer only comes in a few shades and therefore some people can find it either too light or too dark. If Collection expanded the number of shades it would be ideal!


This concealer is currently priced at £4.19


The next concealers I would love to try are:



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